The Quadro steam sterilizer ownership transferred to Processkontroll, Sweden.
Getinge Infection control has decided to divest the Quadro steam sterilizer in order to further increase focus on the hospital segment.
Processkontroll has acquired the Quadro. The company is located in Sweden and suppling key components to Getinges larger sterilizers. Processkontroll has previously produced complete Getinge VS steam sterilizers and have a long experience in the business.
Getinge will take the last Quadro order 20:th of December 2017. These orders will be executed during Q1 2018.
Processkontroll plan to deliver Quadros and accessories during 2018 once the production is transferred to Stora Höga, Sweden.
Getinge endorse current suppliers and customers to corporate and support Processkontroll in swiftly taking over the Quadro production.